Our Story

For our very first post on the DomainHolder.io blog we thought we’d share a little about story of the how and why we’re working on this project as well as our vision for the future of DomainHolder.

Enter Thomas

I created DomainHolder (which was originally called domdb) to manage my own domains. I wanted a way to sell my domains without having to do anything. After some thinking I came up with this solution and thought it could be useful for more people than just me. So I turned it into a service.

Enter Nathan

Thomas and I met on Twitter and then in real life. We realised we both had complimentary skill sets so we thought we’d put our minds together to work on a side project. Seeing as domdb already had a bit of traction it made sense that this would be the project!

There are over 300M domain names registered on the internet. That’s a lot of domain names. Most however aren’t in use. They are "parked". For people that own a few good domain names, we’re building the easiest and best way for those domain names to sell themselves.

By adding just an A record and a TXT record to your DNS settings wherever you registered your domain, you can have a beautiful for sale page live immediately with a contact form, payment button and a list of all your other domains for sale. Boom. And there’s more features to come!

If you’ve got feature requests or feedback we’d love to hear from you. In the meantime, take DomainHolder for a test run - it takes just 15 seconds to get a For Sale page running on your first domain name. Click here to create a free account.

Let Your Unused Domains Sell Themselves