The Top 15 Free Domain Name Parking Tools (2019 Edition)

In this post we'll review the top 15 free domain name parking tools that you can use to park and sell your unused domain names.

If you’ve ever registered one domain, chances are you’ve probably then registered a few more. Domain names are like real estate, once you own one, it’s yours. Perhaps you thought these domain names were potential projects you could launch or maybe you just thought the name was too valuable not to register. Either way, if you’ve got a bunch of domain names that you’re not using you’re going to want to put a for sale page on them so potential buyers can send you an offer!

There are multiple ways of parking your unused domain names. There are paid options out there but in this post we’re going to stick to talking about the free ones. It’s also worth noting that most of these options are targeted at people who have hundreds and thousands of domains that they are looking to generate advertising revenue from. If you’re looking for a parking service that is more focused on helping your unused domain names sell themselves - well, that’s why we built DomainHolder :)

Without further ado, here’s the list of free tools you can use park your domains.


Cost: Free


DomainHolder was built for people who are holding onto domain names that they are open to receiving to buy offers for. It was designed to be super easy to use and quick to setup, perfect for the non-technical person.

Features: No account approvals necessary. Get your domains parked in less than 15 seconds. Keep 100% of any resulting sale of your domain names. Cross promote all of your domain names on each domain name. 100% free to use for for up to 9 domains, or just $7/month for a premium account with unlimited domain names. Perfect for hobby domain collector and pros alike.

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Sedo is the elephant in the room. The whale of all domain businesses. It makes sense that their parking service is most likely the most used in the industry. They have acquired more than a handful of other domain parking services which now all redirect to Sedo’s website if you look them up.

Sedo is definitely a good option if you’re looking to sell your domains because they have a huge marketplace and multiple ways of selling the domains. If your domains get a decent amount of direct hits each month then you can also make money from their advertising program.

The main reason I don’t like Sedo though is that it’s a pain to get started on their platform. Getting certified for me was a long and unsuccessful process. I guess that’s normal though when you’re dealing with a big company!



Bodis has been in the domain parking game since 2007, they know what they’re doing. They are focused on the advertising end of the market, that is, people who are looking to generate ad revenue from their domain name portfolio.

Some of their core features are net 7 payment terms, advanced reporting features and an API on offer.

Probably not the choice for the casual domain holder. The website lacks information about how much they charge you to use Bodis as well, which is annoying. It does appear that their business might be on a permanent hiatus as they have not updated anything on their website since 2016.



Dopa (dope name) looks like it’s stopped operating and looks very old school. Back in their hey day they got to the point of having (claimed) over 5 million domain names pointing at their service and were garnering over 100M unique monthly pageviews.

If you’re holding a lot of Chinese domain names they might be worth reaching out to as this was a key focus for them. I’m not sure who is the market leader for domain name parking in China but if you do then please let us know!



If you believe the copy on the website then DomainSponsor has the best payouts in the industry. Though my mother always told me not to believe what I read on the internet so who knows.

Once again, this parking service is focused on the domainers out there with hundreds and thousands of domain names that generate direct traffic each month. It doesn’t look like their parking service offer for sale landing pages which is a shame.

It’s unclear how much they charge for their service or what cut they take as well. The word on the street is that their approval rate is pretty low and they prefer people with quality of domains over quantity.

1&1 Domain Parking


1&1 is a well established internet services company who will pay you if you send them customers via your unused domains. It appears that they have some kind of partnership with Sedo if you’re looking to sell your domains as well.

This is a different approach than most of the other domain parking services on this list because they are not putting dynamic ads on your domains but rather just promoting 1&1 products. It’s unclear how much money you can actually make doing this. It’s very much a spray and pray approach.



Now, whilst the design of their website looks like it hasn’t changed since they launched in 2009 - the good thing about NameSilo is that they clearly state that their service is free. Also, their free parking service allow you to get offers AND to advertise on your unused domain names. It also appears you can customise your landing pages which is pretty cool (this is a feature we’ll add to DomainHolder in the near future)



I quite like their website, pretty snappy. Unlike some of their competitors though these guys have not been around as long and take twice as long to give you your cut from the advertising revenue. They do however have a lot of integrations which is pretty cool.



This is a bit of a confusing one. Their own domain name is different to the name of their business on their logo. And the website is super sparse when it comes to information. Not sure I’d bother with this one.



Above looks to have a very full offering if you are looking for a solution that will help you manage your entire domain name portfolio. They also offer a marketplace and brokerage service.



I want to park my domains with these guys almost purely because of how photogenic they all are. All jokes aside the Rook Media team are very reputable in the industry and are great partners to have if you are looking for the white glove service approach.



Another one of those websites that looks like it hasn’t been updated since 1999. I think they are wasting the potential of such a good domain name like on this parking service. Their website also has next to nothing in terms of information so there’s not much else I can say about these guys!



It looks like GoDaddy acquired these guys.

DNS Exit


There is absolutely zero logic in using this service as it won’t help you sell your domain name nor will it make you any money from advertising revenue.



Well connected in the industry and a full service offering, targeted at domain investors.


There you go! That’s the full list of the top 15 free domain name parking tools. We hope you’ve found this post useful. Did we miss a good domain parking service that you think should be on this list? Let us know.

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